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Thor's Day

Fourteen years, and I'm still walking.

Happy birthday to vanuslux!

Hello to new readers delerone, kinzokutaka, and sindrian!

Rape/sexual assault survivors' candle ritual tomorrow 8 PM EST. Please pass the word to any interested parties. Please light candles along with me, at home or here with me.

(Why do I have all of this rape-related stuff scheduled at once? To get it all over with. *wry smile*)

Link Soup
* Next step/more detailed plan to help s00j out.
* Tori goes indie.
* Yes.
* I ever end up in a chair, I want this one.
* I want a flux capacitor! But,um,not for $275.
* I had someone put me down recently for going to conventions (which I only ever do on the cheap, anyway; I'm usually on panels, which gets me in free), saying disparagingly "They can't really all be networking". I read this post on writers and conventions, and was nodding all the way through.

Link Soup, Daily Science Edition
* Smallest known exoplanet found.
* "Now, new images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope are shedding light on the true structure of the Milky Way, revealing that it has just two major arms of stars instead of the four it was previously thought to possess."
* "Weizmann Institute physicists have demonstrated, for the first time, the existence of 'quasiparticles' with one quarter the charge of an electron. This finding could be a first step toward creating exotic types of quantum computers that might be powerful, yet highly stable."

WTD, exercise, and three major projects:
* Contact people re: artifacts for Blogathon
* Respond to people about next week
* Start inscribing candles for tomorrow night
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