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Important s00j announcement!

omnisti says: As mentioned in June's general announcement, CD Baby has very kindly put four of SJ's albums into Amie Street's digital distribution system. When we agreed to the program, we weren't quite aware of how it worked, and now we need to act quickly.

Here's the deal: New submissions on Amie St. start out as FREE downloads until they've been downloaded a certain number of times. The more people that download SJ's music, the higher the price gets - up to 98 cents per song. In the meantime, that means that all of the songs from Haphazard, Tangles, Sirens, and "Tales from the Road" are currently freely available to anybody who wants them.

We want you, one of our dear fans, to get the free downloads while they're still available. Even if the tracks are a few cents a piece, you get $5 of download credit when you sign up for their service, so it'll still be free for you. Download as many tracks as you want, from all of SJ's albums.

What we need: When you go to Amie street and download SJ's music from them, we also need you to recommend SJ's music using their REC system - which will place her on their charts, which will put her in the eyes of more people, who will (hopefully) then pay for her music.

The more recommendations SJ's music has, the more we'll benefit from the Amie Street system.

Also, it seems that if you recommend SJ's music, and then our price/value goes up in their system, you get extra credit yourself for more music downloads. So, please please please act quickly, recommend as many tracks as you can, and do it quickly, so that you can get more benefit from helping us.

The more downloads SJ's music has, the higher the price will get, ranging from free to a few cents and up.

We want to see all of SJ's music selling for at least 50 cents per download. We only get paid a fraction of that, but we feel that is the minimum fair price for her music. We'd love to see her music rise to 98 cents per track, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Here are the links:

Sign up for Amie Street through this link and get $5 of download credit to use in case SJ's tracks have gone up a bit, but not enough:

Then go and download SJ Tucker's albums and tracks here:

And I say: People, jump on this! Get free or supercheap s00j music, and help s00j at the same time!
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