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Blogathon 2008

It's been confirmed on that there will be no official Blogathon 2008.

Welcome to the unofficial blogathon_2008.

Join if interested. (Team Venture, hop to it!)

Still 9 AM July 26 - 9 AM July 27 EST.

For those unfamiliar: Blogathon is when we stay up for 24 hours, posting every half hour, to raise money for charity. My charity this year, as last year, is The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

My theme this year:

For twenty-four hours, I will be a psychometric xenoarchaeologist. Every half hour, I will hold in my hands an item from a culture long gone - that of Sol 3, colloquially known as "Earth". I will open my mind and read the object, delving back into human culture; I will write you a memory. Perhaps the thoughts of a woman who wore that necklace, a man who danced to that song.

48 pieces of flash fiction, all inspired by donated items. Every item will be auctioned on eBay, with all proceeds going to charity. Winners will receive the item and a story card.

Where do you come in? I need artifacts. I have two gorgeous necklaces and one incoming hand-dyed scarf. I need a lot more stuff. Do you make things? Anything? E-mail me at shadesong AT Let's talk.

And,of course, sponsor me. :)
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