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I win. I don't know at what, but I know I win.

[Rapid-fire conversation among lightcastle and feste_sylvain]

LC: I remember I read this story once, about the guy - who did the math on black holes...?
FS: Schwartzchild.
LC: It was Schwartzchild. Okay. It was World War One, and Schwartzchild -
'song: *perks up* *scampers to dining room* *plucks book off table* *flips to page 90* *hands to LC*
LC: ...that's the story.


Connie Willis, "Schwartzchild Radius". In the collection Impossible Things, which had been in the dining room since I read Elayna and Coyote-Chan "Even the Queen" a few months ago. I haven't read the story in question in years.

So my short-term memory may be screwed, but my long-term memory is intact. And pretty good. And I love that it was on the table, yet.
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