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I cannot recommend Teeth.

See, had they skewed smart and dark, they could've been like Ginger Snaps. Had they skewed quirkier, they could've been Saved. As it was? Trying too hard to be both, and ended up being neither.

lightcastle and I were discussing all the ways in which this movie is made of fail. I think a big part of the problem for me is that the movie's message is "all men are evil." And, y'know, they're not. This is a movie-sized statement of that old saw that All Men Are Potential Rapists, and it just throws guy after guy into the, er, toothy maw. So to speak.

So yes. Awkwardly plotted, awkwardly filmed, awkwardly cut, and just not a good movie. Add triple warnings for several kinds of sexual assault. Just... no.

EDIT: I did like it that one of the severed penises was devoured by crabs. This was not a subtle movie.
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