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Love in Graveyards

Wind Tunnel Dreams starts up again on Sunday, and on this one, I actually have a title ahead of time - "Love in Graveyards", to help pay for this necklace. It's an Artist Challenge piece, which means I pay elisem in installments with money that I make from my writing - like layaway for writers. (Bartering stories for jewelry rocks. Seriously.)

Why am I telling you this in advance?

So you can send me your favorite pictures of graveyards. I'll be going out and taking pictures at Mount Auburn, but variety's good. Post your pics in comments!

* Yes, the pieces will all be genre.
* Seven separate pieces, not a short story in seven parts.
* I already have several in mind, but hope that pics trigger some cool stuff.
* If pics inspire a specific piece, they'll be posted with it.

For the New Kids: I write flash fiction every day for the first week of the month; there's a PayPal button on the bottom of each piece so you can throw in some coffee money if you liked it. No obligation. More info here. Read previous stories there or here.
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