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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader barthanderson!

Cautious optimism.

Venture Brothers this Sunday!
And and and they have a T-shirt of the Week club! "Each week we premiere a brand new episode of The Venture Bros. television program, we will premiere a brand new t-shirt to go with it RIGHT HERE. The shirt will remain on sale for one week only--until the next episode and the next shirt premiere. " First shirt here. Subscribe and get a bonus shirt. I do not have money for this. Oh heck no. *eyes shirt*

And besides the awesome idea of limited tie-in shirts, I am very bouncy that we'll be getting more Venture Brothers. That is some high-quality madness there.

WisCon Drama
ktempest says it best. purplefrog26's response is also excellent.

Note: Aside from this, the con was awesome. And we weren't aware of it til the tail end of the con, so it didn't taint the con for us.

I don't know quite what else to say on this. I'll let you know what else comes up.

Link Soup
* Robot with supergun attached.
* The end of Endicott. :(
* Inside the Kindle. I discovered the downside to travelling with the Kindle this weekend, by the way. The problem? Whip out your Kindle, and you will draw a crowd. "Oooh! Is that a Kindle?" And then you have to spend ten minutes or so doing a Kindle demo. This was a chunk of my flight home. I just want to read my Kindle. *laugh*
* Evil Dead: The Musical posters. (I have the soundtrack, and it is awesome.)

Daily Science
Getting ordinary plastic bags to rot away like banana peels would be an environmental dream come true. After all, we produce 500 billion a year worldwide and they take up to 1,000 years to decompose. They take up space in landfills, litter our streets and parks, pollute the oceans and kill the animals that eat them.

Now a Waterloo teenager has found a way to make plastic bags degrade faster -- in three months, he figures.

I have a plan-free day! *dances* Right, then. Organizing the writing projects. Writing something up for Blogathon. A review or two. And some form of exercise - possibly a walk to the library.
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