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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to sartorias and much-loved-and-missed omnisti!

Hello to new readers alankria and sfeley!

Still no WisCholera. Cautious optimism is. Legs are particularly sore, though, so I'll be skipping the rollerskating tonight... I know I could theoretically go and not skate, but I know myself. I would twitch for a few minutes, then strap on the skates and go "Whee!!!" and then be in pain for the next few days at least. I'm irrepressible like that.

LJ Advisory Board
Vote today! Again, my recommendations are lordandrei and rm. If not them - anyone but jameth, y'all. To quote sihaya09: "I do not want an anti-semitic troll with a massive following of obnoxious asshats as my board representative."

There is also apparently election drama. Because this is LJ. Spooky is your fabulous Girl Reporter on the Scene - read her to keep posted! (And also because she rocks.)

More Rape Crisis Center Stuff!
Morning post in the afternoon? Yep - because this morning was my interview with BARCC's community outreach program. I can has weeklong intensive training! Second week in June. They're doing some really interesting outreach stuff that I'msure I'll blog the hell out of as all is revealed. Basically, we're moving beyond just staffing tables at events and giving presentations - we're becoming a lot more proactive.

And yes, it's volunteer, no monies, but it's Important.

(Speaking of rape-related stuff - I got the tealights for next Friday's candle ritual. Thanks, guys!)

Blogathon 2008: Artifact
I have the first two artifacts in my hot little hands - stunning necklaces by azhure and upstart_crow! That's 2 down, 46 to go... *laugh* Not like I'm ambitious or anything. But yes. 46 to go. So if you make anything, in any medium, please think about donating something for the Blogathon auctions! Let me write about your creation at hour 22! You know you want to know what pops out of my fevered brain...

Natalie Merchant + Boston Pops = OTP
Glorious. Just glorious. And it reminded me that I need to take Elayna to stuff like this... wish it hadn't been on a school night!

Link Soup
* It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out, for invisible disability/ADA reasons.
* Kawaii kaiju! (If that phrase makes no sense to you,just nod and smile.)

Daily Science
Scientists have found that magnetic nanoparticles can be especially helpful in locating cancerous cell clusters during MRI scans. Like teeny guide missiles, the nanoparticles seek out tumor cells and attach themselves to them. Once the nanoparticles bind themselves to these cancer cells, the particles operate like radio transmitters, greatly aiding the MRI's detection capability.

Now, Brown University chemist Shouheng Sun and a team of researchers have created the smallest magnetic nanoparticles to date that can be employed on such seek-and-find missions. With a thinner coating, the particles also emit a stronger signal for the MRI to detect.

Ugh. *sprawls on couch* Clearing tabs from ye olde Firefox, reading and/or napping.
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