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Whee. :)

Today has been about three days long. But all of them rocked. So. Yay!

Too much to even sum up. But the highlight of my day was the Writers' Workshop. I had been filled with terror over this, because a) I'd never critiqued before, and b) I'd never been critiqued before. The feedback I've gotten from my writing has been almost exclusively LJ-based, and - forgive me, dear readers, but you are not always objective; I can't entirely know how much of you liking my stuff is due in part or whole to you just liking me. I told Delia Sherman after my critique (she was my group's pro) that my fear was that I'd look up at them hopefully and they'd say "Oh honey, no."

She grinned and said "Oh honey yes." And asked to see my next draft. Whereupon I promptly wiped out and fell down on State Street.

No, seriously. Although that owed more to my unfamiliarity with my cane. I can totally laugh through blood loss, though. I'm a mom.

So yes. Places You Haunt was well liked. I did not quite boogie in my chair during the critique, but only through sheer force of will. I have some excellent notes and questions from the group,and one great recommendation that solves the biggest problem I had with my structure. So yay.

From there, it was a dizzying whirl of fun. Bumped into upstart_crow right away and tagged along with her to the Gathering, which is a great way to open the con (a ballroom full of fun activities). Smelled lots of BPAL. Met other shiny people. Fangirled over P.C. Hodgell at the temporary tattoo table. (Dude. She's P.C. Hodgell. Dude.) Met ceciliatan. Met gumboeditor. Met a bunch of LJ friends I had not yet met. Hugged ktempest many times. Went to a reading. ODed on pasta, red wine, cake, and coffee. Napped. Hit the party floor. (Party floor did not hit back.)

It's a weirdness - I'm used to going to cons to hang out with my friends and speak on panels. Here, I know almost no one and almost no one knows me, and I did not sign up for panels. I am at times cast adrift and at times really happy I'm not a rock star here like I am at Arisia. I am enjoying my time with asim.

I have workshopped my novel, had a drink called a Smoking Pigeon, and made a tiara. This is the WisCon experience,yes?:)

Now for drugs and sleep.
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