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Sometimes the messages the universe sends are very clear.

So I made the decision to change how I'm approaching Shayara over the weekend... and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted. I'd felt so desperately trapped that I hadn't been able to get myself together to do anything at all. But I woke up and cleaned my office. Like, clean.

And somewhere in the cleaning, my bracelet broke. The silver-and-jasper one I'd thought of as my Shayara bracelet - a road in Tamrani green and silver. Broke. And I could not find the stone.

I cycled through the loss, and decided that it would be okay. That, since I was changing how I approached Shayara, I should go ahead and get the Shayara necklace kythryne and I had been talking about - the city walls woven in silver with moss agate (for the moss on the stone) and labradorite (for the fog), with labradorite points as the gateposts.

Whereupon the jasper promptly reappeared,in the pocket of my Castle Blood hoodie.


So today, I was e-mailing back and forth with Kyth; among the topics, said necklace. And I'm thinking "Gee,I really want this, and I feel that this is the time for it. I can't really afford it- but maybe I can pay in installments."

And, in sorting the stuff in my to-be-filed box, I found $100 in Visa gift cards. Which, with the $50 AmeEx gift card my birthmom gave me for my birthday, should totally cover it.

Well then. Thank you,universe. I will get that necklace. And I will write the hell out of this.
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