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(The saga of Shayara-so-far: was going to be a comic, then a webcomic, is now mostly-text on the web.)

I am dissatisfied with the current state of things. Simply: Shayara is not working in its current form.

When I originally planned to put Shayara on the web, I gave myself several months to pre-write; I'd planned to write a few chapters, send them out for art, and then post them morsel by morsel. Instead, I got the worst fibro flare of my life. Moving hurt, let alone typing. I spent about two months on the couch, all told. I was still in flare when I launched the site.

So I went up not pre-written, scrambling for art, scrambling to understand the web tools. And due to my condition, I've not been able to get that backlog I needed. My body and brain are variable, to the point that I cannot count on having any writing time of substance every day,and therefore cannot count on having Story to post twice a week. Especially while also scrambling for art and collaborating on music and and and...

Sure, I've been keeping it up. But it's been first-draft-y. And this story needs more. The "wake up and post whatever comes into my head" approach works for Wind Tunnel Dreams, but it just flat-out does not work for Shayara. So part of the turmoil of the last few months has just been realizing that - that they just work differently.

Through all of this, all of the struggling with web stuff and answering questions about marketing and scrounging for art, I've just been saying, over and over, "I just want to write!"

So I'm just going to write.

This is what's going to happen.

I'm going to just sit down and write. And since I can't guarantee work of the quality I require on the schedule I've been keeping, I am not going to be keeping to that schedule. I will write all of Act One. As I write Act One, I will send each chapter out to the artists. When I'm done with Act One, I'll start posting it - a chapter a week - as I write Act Two.

The site will stay up in the meantime; there's plenty there for you to explore. (I'll also be continuing Katrina's story as I go.)

I launched the site despite the flare because I needed to prove to myself that, after years of waiting on other people, I could do it - that Shayara would not just languish in my brain forever. To prove tomyself that I could do it.

But, dear reader, I need to do it right. And what I've discovered is that I need time and space to do that, time and space that the current schedule will not allow. Chronic pain and fatigue require a lot of adjustments in one's life. I hadn't realized how much I needed to adjust for them in this part of my life.

So I'll get Katrianna to a nice pausing point, and I'll regroup. And when I come back, I'm gonna knock your socks off.
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