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Ten first lines

Killing time because really I have about 10 minutes before I can reasonably leave the house to go meet mendozawithout being crazy-early.

So! Stealing this from khaosworks. I give you the first line of the first ten songs to pop up on my iTunes. You guess the song and artist. I'm skipping ones where the title's in the first line. :)

1. Well, I guess you left me with some feathers in my hand - "Angels of the Silences", Counting Crows - lady_guenievre
2. Like a sentence of death, I got no options left - I've got nothing to show now - "Furious Angels", Rob Dougan - infragilis
3. There's a government whip cracked across your back - "Requiem for a Dying Song", Flogging Molly - lbitw
4. When I was only a zygote - I still remember the time -"Sensurround", They Might Be Giants - yendi
5. My mother spent ten years sitting by a window, scared if she spoke she would die of a heart attack - "Walk the Walk", Poe - ydnic
6. On my way up north, up on the Ventura - "A Sorta Fairytale", Tori Amos - harkalark
7. So congratulations, boy, you kept me up til dawn again - "Weightless", S.J. Tucker - chris_walsh
8. Underneath the city and all that we possess, I met the prince of beggars in a place with no address - "Heaven to Calcutta", Oysterband - marmota
9. She came out west to find the sun - she lost her name but found a new one - "Amphetamine", Everclear - lbitw
10. Day after day, I will walk and I will play - "Add It Up", Violent Femmes - partial credit to pierceheart and emilytheslayer, and full to rikibeth
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