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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to jadasc and redfishie!

Ugh. I was awakened brutally early - surprise morning visit from Coyote-chan. So I'm dazed and foggy and sluggish.

New front page, and that brings us to the end of the beginning with Tessa and her crew. We'll be giving them a respite and turning back to the city. (But next time we see them? We'll be meeting Lily, another of Lyric's personalities.) But what's this? Looks like Jason gave Napalm a notebook...

Buy truffles!
Another Polidori Chocolates pre-sale! And she made a whole box of Wrath! :)

Link Soup
* Anteaters!
* Raku pottery rayguns!

Daily Science
A startup based in Cambridge, MA, says that it plans to soon begin clinical trials of a nanostructured material that stops bleeding almost instantly. A startup called Arch Therapeutics has licensed the technology from MIT and is developing manufacturing processes for making it in large amounts.

Going back to bed. Otherwise? I have to make a post office run today. Ideally, I'll be mentally alert enough later to do stuff like reviews and changing my LJ template -I want a custom Shayara one, but that's unlikely to happen soon, so I'll go with something less personal but also less murky. When I wake up. Not sure about Diesel today.
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