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Great Big Sea whee!

If you pre-order Fortune's Favour on the band's website, you too can dance in your living room to the first single, "Walk on the Moon", plus two exclusive bonus tracks.

I have loved "Walk on the Moon" since I first heard it at their Boston concert last year. This is a Shayara song. *happy sigh* I'm alive - I've got one shot and I'm taking it to you...

The bonus tracks = Sean covering "Gallow's Pole" and Alan going a cappella for "Belong", which also has some very me bits - I don't know where I'm going, but I know where I belong.

Track listing for Fortune's Favour:
1. Love Me Tonight
2. Walk On The Moon
3. England
4. Here And Now
5. Long Lost Love
6. Oh Yeah
7. Banks Of Newfoundland
8. Dream To Live
9. Company Of Fools
10. Hard Case
11. Rocks of Merasheen
12. Dance Dance
13. Heart Of Stone
14. Straight To Hell

Cannot wait.

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