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Hello to new reader ogre_san!

Ouch. But for good reason...

Mother's Day Bonus!
...Elayna cleaned her room yesterday. Like, close to spotless. She asked plaintively for assistance midway through, so I helped - but she did this without me asking, and she did most of the work. "Because I know what you really want for Mother's Day is a clean house." Oh, yes. If we have time today, we'll work on the reading room.

I'm less nettled about them today. Basically, my response was along the lines of "If you're going to spend the money, spend it on something that won't be dead in a week" and "Great, something died and it makes more work for me, which I'm sure was not the intent."

But Dad called yesterday (I actually called them first, but they weren't home, so - voicemail), clearly very excited about the flowers. "I got yelled at for not sending roses, but I just thought the carnations were prettier! Did you get a purple vase? I told them purple."

*sigh* So the reminder that the cats eat the flowers did not happen yesterday. Another day, when we're not shouting over restaurant noise. Is a good thought, though.

Crafty stuff
The holdup on the making of custom earrings, basically, is that the stacks of stuff for the yard sale and now for donation have been directly in front of my craft cabinet. I have just moved the remainder of the stuff.I can access my earwires and pliers! So that should happen today. I apologize for the lateness - I got swept up in yard-sale chaos. :( Brownies were baked and sent to alexmegami last week. I should be able to do everything else today.

Short form presents challenges. Such as: How do I define Katrianna's character in one or two days? The web format helps here; she'll be one of the characters with a notebook from Jason, so I can link to bits of her history. Those bits won't appear til next week anyway. I am just thinking ahead. Would love to be writing ahead.

Spot illos needed: Tessa's crew. Coffeehouse scene of Fenris and the Telenias. Alanna and Katrianna facing off. Katrianna at the coffeehouse with a book.

Next Thursday's Shayara will be late. Probably late afternoon/evening. I have an early morning flight to WisCon.

I am terribly excited. :) First-con jitters,of course; I know that there will be many traditional-type things happening all around me, and I have no native guide. I generally have a native guide.

But yes. I get to talk Shayara jewelry with upstart_crow, see ktempest and catvalente again, meet cislyn and gumboeditor and tbclone and squirrel_monkey and more... do tell me if you'll be there!

And I have time with asim. Truly a precious commodity.

Natalie Merchant...
and the Boston Pops! May 27. Anyone interested? My budget's around the $25 seats.

Roller Skating!
RSVP here if you wanna skate with us! May 28, 7-9. (Can anyone give me a ride?)

Link Soup
* Interesting card game...
* Why being a mother is like being a writer.
* Disability blog carnival.
* I agree with this butterfly.
* Richard Morgan on steampunk.
* A challenge: Give one thing away each day for 29 days.
* Where are the new fiction markets?
* Hiphop/bluegrass mashup: Gangstagrass. felisdemens and maxymyllyn, I thought of you.

Daily Science
It seems like a peculiar case of genomic overkill: a single-celled bacterium has been found that keeps tens of thousands of copies of its genome. The finding sets a record for most genomes per cell, but also poses an obvious question: what could be the advantage of stashing away as much as 200,000 copies of your genome?

Make stuff. Mail stuff. Write stuff.

Goals for this week: Get office into shape. Redo to-do list. Get e-mail inbox cleared out. Review one item per day.

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