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Happy early birthday to azhure, crisavec, kythryne, and mendoza, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader teffielynne!

Basically, I seriously overstressed my body in all kinds of ways on Wednesday. Walking is still a bit of a challenge. Add that to waking up feeling all chest-coldy... yeah.

Shayara forum title clarification
"Custom forum title" = the line under your forum name that currently says "member". Just let me know if you want it to say anything else.

Roller-Skate With Us, Bostonians!
From an organizer's journal:

We're trying to organize a roller skating night (7-9 pm, so plenty of time for dates after that!) on Wednesday, May 28th over in saugussk8.

If you enjoy roller skating and would like to go, please go over there and sign on! We need at least 30 people to participate to make this cost-reasonable, so if you're interested but haven't TOLD us, we don't know how many people we can get.

Link Soup, Science Edition
* Two decades of scrutinizing Saturn are finally paying off, as scientists have discovered a wave pattern, or oscillation, in Saturn's atmosphere only visible from Earth every 15 years.

* The platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is an odd-looking creature whose features combine the furry torso and wide, flat tail of a beaver with the rubbery bill and webbed feet of a duck. But its looks are not all that is strange about it. A new study indicates that the distinctive mammal's genetic code is an eclectic brew of bird, reptile and mammal. This mix-and-match animal is more than just an oddity, though. Researchers report in Nature that its genome provides important clues into how mammals, birds and reptiles evolved from a common ancestor some 315 million years ago. And researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine report in Genome Research that they linked the evolution of a gene in the old platypus to a mutated version in humans responsible for moving the testes outside of the body and into an external pouch, or scrotum.

* n research that could give doctors a way to reassign sex in cases of unclear gender, scientists report this week that they have figured out why some children with genes that should make them boys are instead born as girls.

* Seed Cribsheet: Quantum Computing

* Like a team of laboratory gearheads, Arizona State University (A.S.U.) researchers have found a way to soup up microscopic "nanomachines" that may someday be used to deliver lifesaving medications or test the quality of drinking water in remote regions of the world. In place of turbochargers and high-octane gas, the scientists tweaked their engine design and used an additive to speed the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide into fuel to create nanomachines 350 times more powerful than any previously built.

Friday memage!
Wearing: The t-shirt they gave me at the hospital when I gave birth to Elayna. (What? It's between pajama weather and lingerie weather.)
Reading: The Magician and the Fool by Barth Anderson.
Writing: Shayara, and the custom poem for the raffle winner.
Today: Must finish making/packing everything for raffle winners. I'm way too late on that. After that,need to start reading WisCon workshop manuscripts.
Tomorrow: Matinee of Jazz-age Twelfth Night with Adam, Elayna, feste_sylvain, possibly alyveritya, and anyone else who wants to come.
Sunday: Mother's Day! If there are plans, I have not been informed of them.


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