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Odin's Day

Hello to new readers patchwerkgirl and sweetevangeline!

Cautious optimism.

Dear Boston-area folks: Wanna go roller-skating? With the rink to ourselves? mizarchivist is hoping to rent the rink on May 28, but needs to be sure we can pay for it. Go here to sign up!

I should get a sticker of my favorite LJ icon for my WisCon badge,asim said. I don't know which to get! Maybe "Don't fuck with the short chick"? What do y'all think?

I want a new LJ layout. With Shayara art.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
And now we're back on our regular schedule - WTD the first week of the month only, so I have the rest of the month free to work on other stuff. Phew. That trapped feeling should start to ease.

Link Soup
* Cory Doctorow: Think like a dandelion!
* Final two episodes of Drive released!
* The joys of poly - I'm happily married, and this still happens. :)

Daily Science
Let's do some sleep math. You lost two hours of sleep every night last week because of a big project due on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, you slept in, getting four extra hours. Come Monday morning, you were feeling so bright-eyed, you only had one cup of coffee, instead of your usual two. But don't be duped by your apparent vim and vigor: You're still carrying around a heavy load of sleepiness, or what experts call "sleep debt"—in this case something like six hours, almost a full nights' sleep.

Well, I am waiting on two cute guys to answer their e-mail. The one solid plan: I have a BARCC meeting this evening. Am hoping to have dinner with a guy who works near their office. The other guy? Well, hopefully lightcastle and I will be seeing Iron Man this afternoon. *bounce*

This means I'll be wandering around town all day, as I'm not going to bus in for the movie and then go home for an hour or two before dinner and BARCC.

And if I'm up for it, I may swing by OPN at thespian's after the BARCC meeting, since I'll be just one Square away.

Trying to decide if I should bring my laptop with me, for the lull between the movie and dinner.
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