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Tew's Day

Having that stretching-hurts feeling - specifically that tug at my hands and wrists that my physical therapist said was nerves snagging. Blech.

New page! With art by the fabulous mdevans.

Remember, when it comes to the Wind Tunnel Dreams stuff, comments are love. :) People don't tend to pay for Shayara stuff. In this case, I'm sure it's partly that lots of you just gave me money for Explo. But in general,people don't tend to donate for Shayara. I need an icon of Deadly Girl from The Specials saying "This is what I do."

But. Even if you can't sponsor, or just sponsored, or whatever - comments are always craved!

Dear locals:
Twelfth Night,interpreted in the Jazz Age. I don't yet know when we're going, but we absolutely are. Anyone wanna join us?

Link Soup
* Iactually really like this idea.
* Ten insulting words you should know.
* Interstitial Arts Foundation jewelry auction! There's a gorgeous necklace by upstart_crow up there...

Daily Science
Mind's Limit Found: Four Things at Once
Early research found the working memory cut-off to be about seven items, which is perhaps why telephone numbers are seven digits long (although some early telephone dialing started with a two- or three-letter "exchange," often the first letters of a community name, followed by four or five figures, e.g. PEnnsylvania 6-5000). Now scientists think the true capacity is lower when people are not allowed to use tricks like repeating items over and over or grouping items together.

Adam's home today! So it's a day of hauling unsold yard-sale stuff off to be donated, with a side order of errands in general, just as soon as I whip up a storybit for House L'Arath.

I will not be at Diesel tonight - Elayna has a concert. :)
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