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LJ Advisory Board

Most of you know that LJ has put together an advisory board, and that two people from the greater LJ community will be elected to it. Well, today's nomination day...

Hell, no, I'm not crazy enough to throw my hat in the ring.

But lordandrei is.

I've known Andrei for a few years now. He's whip-smart on the issues we need tackled here. He's very community-minded - Andrei will listen. As he says,"I believe that the end user is the customer. This is the person who will choose to use the service or find an alternative. Being honest, fair, and open with the end user is the most important way to keep them feeling part of the process and not driven to find those alternative services."

Read his entire statement here and, if you agree with me that he's just the sort of person we need in there, reply to that post with "I support this nomination".

He needs 100 comments to get on the ballot. There are a thousand of you reading this. Costs nothing; won't take but a second. Get our guy in there. (And tell your friends!)

*decisive nod* I endorse lordandrei for class president the LJ Advisory Board.
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