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Hello to new reader ceciliatan and returning reader adric!

Still bitchslapped by fatigue. I can has energy plz?

As some forumites already noticed, the Beltane party continues over here...

And, as posted in the dead zone of Sunday night, I very much need some Shayara banners and some more icons. (I really wish I had PhotoShop.)

If you're interested in drawing Shayara stuff,please come on over to teamshayara!

Street of Dreams
I don't always remember my dreams,these days. I'm on a lot of sleep drugs! But I remember last night. One continuous dream, no weird dream-logic shiftiness. I spent last night's dream in a friend's apartment, mostly just being held.

Link Soup
* Hey, teachers and librarians! Request copies of Cory Doctorow's Little Brother here. People who enjoy the book? Go there to donate it! Check out the whole site.
* Portraits in...Rubik's Cubes.
* "Lost city in the woods" - an abandoned hospital island.
* I'm tempted to read this book in the same way I'm tempted to read the OH JOHN RINGO NO books.
* Apex Digestis having another subscription drive</a>!

Daily Science
We all learned it growing up - The Earth’s crust is made up of three distinct layers: Core, mantle, and crust. Unfortunately, as with other simplistic theories like the tongue map, scientists have recently discovered that the real world is a bit more complicated:

One clue to the new thinking is that seismic waves traveling through the planet have long been measured to travel at inexplicably different speeds. Sharp speed changes suggest differing materials. On each side of the planet there are two big, chemically distinct, dense piles or blobs of material that are hundreds of kilometers thick – one beneath the Pacific and the other below the Atlantic and Africa, the researchers say.

“You can picture these piles like peanut butter,” McNamara said. “It is solid rock, but rock under very high pressures and temperatures becomes soft like peanut butter, so any stresses will cause it to flow.”

The yard sale didn't work out so well,but it brought in enough money for me to get a new storage thingie for my office closet. So today = getting that, setting it up, and reorganizing the closet - then, when Miss Kid gets home, baking brownies with her to ship tomorrow. And making the custom jewelry to ship tomorrow.

And WTD. Hello, House Ziroth.
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