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Polidori Chocolates - review

Polidori Chocolates = the new venture by coffeeinhell (second pre-launch LJ sale now underway!)

Adam and I will be reviewing the Seven Deadly Sins (Plus One) collection.

PRIDE: Our Pride truffle combines Chambord raspberry liqueur with super-dark chocolate ganache, and then bursts with the surprise of a juicy, tart black raspberry in the center.
Adam: Mmmm. Wow. Oh yeah. Is yummy.
'song: Can you give me a little more than that?
Adam: Is very yummy?
Upon further interrogation - Adam is thoroughly wowed by the raspberry in the middle. The chocolate itself is wonderful as well, and complements the raspberry perfectly. Also, ganache is a fun word to say.

ENVY: We honor the green-eyed monster with a key-lime flavored white chocolate ganache truffle, enhanced with the hot, sweet chewiness of candied ginger.
Adam: Mmm. That's an interesting combination. You get the supersweet from the white chocolate, the kick from the ginger, and the kick fromthe key lime, as well as the dark chocolate that surrounds it all. I'd like it if the lime flavor was a little more tart, but I tend to go for eXtreme flavor inmy lime things, and not everyone does.

LUST: Our wickedly scrumptious Lust truffle combines the essence of pomegranate (thought to be the true fruit with which Eve tempted Adam) and sweet-tart dried Bing cherries.
'song: Didn't get cherry on the first bite - definitely did on bite two! Chewy tart dried cherries with faint pomegranate and rich dark chocolate. Serious yum. Great texture.

SLOTH: We pay tribute to this most popular of sins by swirling rum-infused ganache with creamy peanut butter, then dipping it in thick, rich milk chocolate.
Adam: Mmm. Oh yeah.You can taste the rum, too.
'song: Eyeing the half-truffle - peanut butter is on the bottom, all chocolate on top. Does it settle naturally? Taking bite now. Oh holy crap that's a lot of booze. *wheezes*
Adam: Yeah - rum's my liquor of choice.
'song: Take it.

GREED: Our combination dark/milk chocolate ganache is studded with Valrhona cocoa nibs, spiked with chocolate liqueur, then enrobed in even more milk chocolate. Because too much is never enough.
'song: The gold it's dusted with is a nice touch. *bite* Nph.
Adam: *laughs at expression of bliss on 'song's face* *takes bite* Oh yeah.
'song: Yeah. Oh yeah. Silky deep chocolate with chocolate on top. (Also gold.) Rich and fabulous.

GLUTTONY: For the Gluttony truffle, we add crunchy Heath toffee bits to our rich milk chocolate ganache, then dip the whole thing in even more Belgian milk chocolate. Oh, and we sprinkle additional toffee bits on top. Of course.
Adam: It's like what a Heath bar should taste like.
'song: ...yeah. Pretty much exactly. Gourmet Heath bar.

WRATH: Our Wrath truffle burns with the delectable intensity of three different chiles, plus clove, cinnamon and ginger - spicy, but you can take it.
'song: The perfect Mexican hot chocolate in truffle form, complete with the spicy afterkick. Wow. I would like a whole box of these. Not that I don't love the others. But this is freakin' awesome.
Adam: I'm just blown away.
'song: *grabs remaining bite of truffle from Adam* MINE. *eats* Seriously - spiciest chocolate ever. *Love* it.

TRUFFALDINO: Dark chocolate with Grand Marnier, orange oil, and candied orange peel.
Adam: Oh yeah. This is orange through and through. I love candied orange peel,so this is - this is really good. I wish I could get more poetic. But. Chocolate.

Packaging: Elegant and simple, green ribbon around white box. Only flaw: the chocolates don't get held in place securely enough, and got jumbled around in shipping, but we were able to figure out which was which fairly easily. (This is the first batch, so kinks are being worked out.)

Flavor: Polidori does not skimp on flavor. I'm talking Vosges-grade flavor concentration, and y'all know how I love Vosges. These are a rich indulgence. (Note: My rejection of Sloth was *not* a judgment upon the quality of the truffle, it's just that I tend not to like the taste of alcohol.)

Chocolate Quality: Throughout them all, the chocolate itself is wonderful. It's not just "oh, hey, ginger!" and "orange!" - the chocolate itself is great.

Customer Service: Polidori included a free chocolate-covered marshmallow, which we devoured yesterday sans review. Order included coupon for 25% off our next Web order. Also, shipping was fast! Nothing else to report in this category, since everything went right!

In conclusion: Polidori is made of chocolate and Awesome. Go buy some now!
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