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Wind Tunnel Dreams: House Lhri'nahr

He stood on the city wall - the as-yet-unfinished wall, not secure enough yet - watching the roiling sea. The sky was his House color, grey, darkening ominously toward the center of the storm.

He had left his cloak behind, as the wind was dangerously high already; it whipped his unbound hair against his face. Rain pattered down around him, and he closed his eyes, smiling, enjoying the clear scent of it, the sound of it on stone, on earth. Just for a moment.

A storm like this had devastated their settlement just a generation ago. Houses crushed. So many dead… ah,my gods, I know that the earth needs the water, but - so many dead.

So he stood, him and the strongest members of his House, spaced evenly along the walls. He opened his mind, his senses, his gift - felt the densely-charged air, the coils of energy that surrounded him. Felt the inner machinations of wind and rain and storm.

Thank you, gods, for this gift, for this life, for this healing rain.

He raised one hand and focused his gift, bringing it from a diffuse energy to something like a blade. As always, he found his focus in voice,in breath, chanting as his perceptions sharpened-


The strongest word he had, the ki of bonds of love and duty, the ki of his House and his Lishaya.


Home, home of the bond-kin of the Lishaya.

Nalen… Nalen arei Kai, Kithrayn na’li’Lhri’nahr…

I stand before you, Nalen who once was Kai.

His song grew, was picked up by his House-kin, and he felt the power surge among them like lightning. Ah, gods, yes - thank you for this. Thank you for the power to save ourselves and our bond-kin.

He reached up, reached into the storm, and gasped with joy - nearly becoming storm and wind and sea, dizzy with the storm’s power. Ah, gods, thank you for this! He found the center of it, coiled tightly, and he unknotted it. Delicately, carefully. May the rain nourish our crops; may the rain nourish the earth. May the wind bring merriment. But let no one die.

He withdrew, slowly and reluctantly, and sat on the edge of the wall. The storm grew diffuse, fat raindrops striking him, and he smiled again as he felt its tight furious center relax. So much beauty.

Close to the beginning, close enough that Nalen refers to himself as Nalen arei Kai - Nalen who once was Kai. Close enough that 'most all of those in ki'Lishaya'ra actually remember Kai,if they sift back through their memories; he was one of the few Kithrayna that survived the Fall.

Centuries later, he will be Ryan.

This is for feste_sylvain, who wondered about hurricanes.
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