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Wind Tunnel Dreams: House Narsan

Joshua whistled as he walked home through the night, fog swirling around his feet. He smiled to himself, remembering the concert he’d taken Donna to that evening - remembering candlelight on her hair, remembering her smile. Wondering when the ring he’s commissioned would be ready - smoky quartz for her House color and garnet for his, and intricate scrollwork on the sides; carved inside, aliantha. Beloved.

And suddenly, almost in his peripheral vision - it was less seeing than feeling. Something had perked up as he’d entered the courtyard - something that coalesced and became someone. There, by the inactive stone fountain in the center of the courtyard. A spirit, not long departed.

He sat beside her. ”Hello,” he said quietly, opening his mind to her. “What’s your name?”

A dip in her energy, like a nod hello. “Erin.”

“Hi, Erin.” He paused - this was always the hardest part. “Are you aware that you-”

“Died? Yes.”

“Ah.” Joshua leaned back and looked into the pool that remained in the fountain- mostly collected rainwater, and pennies for luck. Erin’s subtle shift of energy showed up in the water, only slightly. Most Dasaroi wouldn’t notice it. Many Narsani would, but only if they were looking for it. Likewise the way the fog swirled around her legs, outlining her in fits and starts. “Have you decided not to move on just yet? Or has it just been lack of opportunity?”

Erin laughed, low and bitter. ”I’m frightened, Kithrayn.”


“This… this was my first life. I don’t know what it’s like, being reborn. And I don’t want to lose what I have left. Yes, I’m dead. I can’t lift my instrument anymore… but I still feel like myself. I don’t want that subsumed in someone else, some strange child.”

“What did you play?”


Joshua sat up straight.”You’re that Erin? Erin ni’Narsan, with the Shayara Symphony Orchestra?”

“You know me?”

“I went to all your concerts.”

If a spirit could blush, it seemed Erin would. “I saw you. I supposed you were just there because you liked the orchestra.”

“Well, I do. But you were always a high point. I have your album.”

“I’d sign it for you if I still had hands.”

Joshua grinned. “Oh, Erin - please say you’ll return. Truly. Talent like yours is rare. I would hate to think of the next generation being deprived of it. House Narsan would be honored to carry on your gift.”

Erin hesitated. “I just - don’t want to lose who I am.”

“You won’t. Really. It’s like - hm. Like sedimentary rock. You will be there, a layer beneath your next incarnation. Or, well, a cake. Layers and layers, but each one contributes to the overall flavor.” He grew serious. ”And if you avoid being reborn… Erin, you’ll never hold your violin again. Never be able to make music. You know that.”

“There’s no guarantee that I will even if I do move on.”

Joshua thought.”Huh. Actually, there almost is.” He stood and offered Erin his hand; a slight change in air pressure showed that she accepted it, and he led her through a series of courtyards, each one four houses arranged around a central fountain or garden. Three courtyards in, he stopped in front of an open window. “Look,” he said gently, and he felt Erin do so - looking in at a heavily pregnant woman reclining on a couch. The woman’s husband brought her a bowl of grapes, and she smiled and kissed him. ”Tara Donovan ni’Narsan,” he said. “Tara and Alan.”

Erin shifted. ”I know that man.”

“You should. Trombone, right?”

“Yes. He’s fairly new with the orchestra, but very good.”

“Do you feel the baby?”

“It’s a girl,” Erin breathed. “So lovely - she’s spinning like fire, a shower of sparks.”

“If you were reborn there, and your talent came through and expressed itself in that baby - I know that Tara and Alan would encourage that. You would have your music. Shayara would have your music.”

Erin nodded. ”I…I will consider it, Kithrayn. I am…less afraid. Thank you.”

Joshua smiled. ”It is my pleasure and my honor. I will hope to hear your music again, Erin.”

He turned and walked home, whistling again - a song from Erin’s album. He felt Erin tighten into a knot of resolve, then flow into Tara and Alan’s home, and he smiled.

Emily Donovan ni'Narsan is currently the first chair violinist of the Shayara Symphony Orchestra. Joshua died before he could ever hear her play - and, sadly, before he could propose to Donna. However, his successor, Kieran, attends the symphony regularly, and also loves Emily's side project, the folk-rock band Driftwood Angels.
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