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Blogathon 2008!

Once a year, bloggers around the world pull an all-nighter for charity - blogging every half hour for 24 hours, sponsored by you, the readers.

Blogathon, baby.

It's July 26th this year - and no, you won't be hearing about it constantly from now til then. This is an early shot across the bow.

Last year, I did two things that I'm definitely doing again:
* Assembled a rockin' team of fellow Blogathonners. Go Team Venture! slipjig, rafaela, wired_lizard, mllelaurel and I had a damn fine time keeping each other awake and motivated.
* Auctioned items donated by some of my wonderfully talented friends, with all proceeds going to my charity, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

And one thing I'm doing again, modified: Had a pit crew. This was a great idea that stumbled in execution.


Want to join Team Venture?
Blog into the wee hours for charity! Witness the utter brain-melty insanity of Hour 22! Fall apart with your friends for a good cause! We have table space for six, couch/loveseat space for another four, coffee table space for a few. I know signups aren't open yet at (note: FryKitty isn't running it this year; if no one steps up to take it over, we'll just do it indie, like in 2004 (Yes, I've been doing this since '03)); this is me asking if you intend to sign up, are in the Boston area, and want to come over and play. :) Please bring your own laptop; if you don't have a laptop, please arrange on your own to borrow one. Arranging for last-minute laptop loans for multiple bloggers last year was a pain in the ass.

Perhaps we'll have t-shirts this year!

Team Venture 2008: shadesong, slipjig, rafaela, eustaciavye, jennifer, nevacaruso, felisdemens, hypnagogie, mllelaurel, wired_lizard

Want to be on the pit crew?
The problem with last year's pit crew? Mostly that people showed up early on to stick with us through the whole thing. That sounds nice, but what it meant was that we bloggers had no assistance in the pre-dawn hell when we needed it most, because the pit crew was too tired! So. We have rules now.
* There will be 3 eight-hour shifts. You can sign up for more than one, but they can't be consecutive. We appreciate the gesture, but you are of no use to us asleep. Note: that's eight consecutive hours maximum; you can sign up for two or four or whatever, just not more than eight, because after eight you will be too tired.
* Each pit-crew person will be assigned to two or more specific Blogathonners. Your job? Make sure we're drinking water, not just coffee. Make sure we eat something. Make sure we get up and move between posts. Bloggers will have individual needs - some like to chat, some - like me - want to be left alone while typing.
There is also special need for the preparation of nutritious food. Blogathonners have no time to cook!

Team Venture 2008 Pit Crew: yendi, Elayna (first shift), avivasedai (third shift),tigerbright (last 4 hours?), omnia_mutantur

Want to donate an item to be auctioned?
Fantastic! A bunch of you filled out this poll last year; please confirm that you're still interested?

Creators of Artifacts: upstart_crow, charitypomaybo, themaskmaker, prissi?, azhure, thisdaydreamer

And. This year, I have a theme. (Because it's not Blogathon if I don't do you one better than last year.)

For twenty-four hours, I will be a psychometric xenoarchaeologist. Every half hour, I will hold in my hands an item from a culture long gone - that of Sol 3, colloquially known as "Earth". I will open my mind and read the object, delving back into human culture; I will write you a memory. Perhaps the thoughts of a woman who wore that necklace, a man who danced to that song.

48 pieces of flash fiction, all inspired by donated items. Every item will be auctioned on eBay, with all proceeds going to charity. Winners will receive the item and a story card. Items can be anything you make, including music.


Who's in?
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