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Save the kitties!

eilonwy says: "I overheard my slightly batty downstairs neighbor telling the manager how sad she was that she could no longer feed the stray cats in the area. She'd been told to stop because there were so many of them, and they would congregate in front of her door in the evenings. There are dozens of them. I asked the manager, once the slightly batty neighbor left, what the deal was. She said they were looking for a way to get rid of them.

If you know about feral cats, you know that there is no way to get rid of them short of killing them all. Oh sure, you can call the humane society, but if they come they won't take the cats to a nice comfy home, they'll simply euthanize the cats, often even before they get to the shelter.

I love animals. I have cats of my own, for example, and they're rescues. I like animals more than I like most people. I like these cats; seeing them makes me happy.

Months later I have finally secured a promise that the management won't call animal control, or the exterminators, etc., and I have permission to Trap, Neuter and Release the cats. They get to stay here as managed colony. I've been in touch with AzCATS a group that pretty much does this: trap, neuter and release. I'm now on the list. (I need their help, I need their traps and I need a volunteer's van in order to drive the many, many cats from here to the vet and back.)

Now... I just need the money. Approximately 25 cats. $50 per cat."

Seeing my recent success with raffling, she decided to do a raffle of her own.

There's *lots* of great stuff there. Sad you missed out on custom Wyrding Studios work by kythryne or a custom hat by emilytheslayer? Here's your second chance to win! I've put up a collage pendant and a custom story or poem. You can win books, catnip toys, photographs, brownies, scrapbooking supplies - lots of crafty stuff over there. And it all goes to help eilonwy trap, neuter, and release these cats (pics here).

Save the kitties!
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