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Happy birthday to pegkerr!

Hello to new readers firebirdgrrl and tisana!

Still eurgh/ow. Today will be a day of moving slowly.

Tremendously Good News: Shayara Edition
lrstrobel has some wonderful ideas for Shayara music, one being that each House should have its own theme, blending to form one big grand theme. Different instruments will represent each House.

But House Tamra, the House of the Firstborn? That could only be a vocal solo.

And only one person could do it, could voice the ultimate call, and I asked, and she said yes. So. I can has s00j.

Whee. :)

Link Soup
* "Oh, there are a lot of cataclysmic changes. Global communication networks, climate change, NBC warfare that could kill us all, the hope of stem cell cures, ever-increasingly available information, melting ice caps and endangered species and genetic modification and peak oil and cybernetics and nanotechnology and unified field theories and the spread of democracy and freedom. We're teetering on the brink of radiant explosive growth or utter self-destruction. Maybe both. The world's ending every day; we just don't need a dusty outdated calendar to tell us that. The end times started two generations ago." Just read merovingian already!
* A new study from the University of Michigan shows that having a husband creates an extra seven hours of extra housework a week for women. Is this news to anyone?
* SFSignal has a great breakdown of summer genre movies.Mark your calendar!

Daily Science
"Everybody used to think only complex, hierarchical civilizations could build such monumental sites, and that they only came about with the invention of agriculture", says Ian Hodder, a Stanford University Professor of Anthropology, who, since 1993, has directed digs at Catalhoyuk, Turkey’s most famous Neolithic site. "Gobekli changes everything. It’s elaborate, it’s complex and it is pre-agricultural. That fact alone makes the site one of the most important archaeological finds in a very long time."

* Post about eilonwy's raffle
* Make earrings
* Post about Blogathon
* When Elayna gets home, bake brownies
Otherwise, today's a cleaning and reading day. Plus...I know what happensin tomorrow's Shayara.But I don't know whose POV I'm using. Hopefully I can shake that loose!
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