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Life with the Gojirawitzes

Me: "Jack. C'mere, Jack. Can you do me a favor?"
Jack - Adam's cat - climbs up onto my lap.
Me: *kisses fingertips, then presses them to Jack's forehead* "Okay. Go take that to your daddy."
Jack regards me unblinkingly.
Me: "Give the kiss to Daddy, Jack."
Jack blinks.
Me: "Seriously." *points to Adam* "Give the kiss to Daddy."
Jack stares.
Me: "That's your Daddy."
Adam: "Jack's not as smart as you think he is."
Me, ignoring Adam: "Okay." *kisses fingertips, presses them to Jack's forehead again* "There you go. Two kisses for Daddy."
Adam: "He's pretty stupid."
Me: "Jack, I am going to complain about you on the internet."
Jack: *trots over to Adam and nuzzles him with much force*

(I'm medicated. Bed now.)
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