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*falls over*

* Dug through raffle payment receipts and sent a list of everyone who donated $10 or more or donated items to batshua.
* Discovered that we raised $1,178 with that raffle. Was flabbergasted.
* Still don't know how much we raised with the Gojirawitz Girls Challenge - but I e-mailed the bonus stories everyone who indicated here that they wanted them. If you didn't get them and you contributed to any of this month-and-a-half's fundraising efforts, go put your e-mail address in that poll. I'll do another mass mailout on Monday.

That's all of that wrapped up.And in a punctual fashion,no less. Well, I have to make and mail (where applicable) the stuff people won from me. But otherwise - the big huge things are wrapped up.

I have, in the past, felt sort of self-deprecating about What I Do. Like it doesn't really qualify as work.

March and April have utterly cured me of that.

I get to go read a book now.
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