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How to Hold a Raffle

I post this because two people have asked how I did my raffle - check Project Cat on Monday for a raffle to support eilonwy's efforts to save a colony of feral cats! Yes, I'll remind you on Monday. If you want a second chance to win a collage pendant or story by me or a custom knitted hat by emilytheslayer, hit that!

*ahem* Yes. Anyway.

1. Set up your PayPal account, Post your intentions and ask for contributions.
2. Decide on ticket prices. tablesaw's suggestion was $1=1, $10=11, $20=25. This seemed to work just fine. One thing I didn't do, that was later recommended to me, that I would do next time - have a "one ticket for each item" level.
3. Do the big post with the list of items. Number your items and provide a good description/photos!
4. Open the floodgates. (Seriously. I sold over 1100 tickets.)
5. Create a spreadsheet. (ringrrl416 did this for me.) List items on top, with columns beneath each for bidder name and number of tickets.
6. Assign ticket numbers as you go. First come, first serve - the first bidder to bid on item #6,for example,might allocate 5 tickets. So. 1-5, and the next bidder gets 6-whatever, et cetera.
7. When the raffle's over, use a random number generator to choose winners. I used this one.
8. Notify winners promptly, by post and by e-mail. Mail prizes promptly.

Simple. Really crazybusy and time-consuming,yes. But relatively easy, for all of that.
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