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Hello to new readers golden_lady, oddharmonic,and wordswoman!

Predictable levels of ouch, but not too much. I think that I'll definitely do this again. Is fun exercise.

Is there a rink closer than Saugus? Anything T-accessible?

Zombie Strippers!
Adam's review is up! Excerpt: Did I mention the existentialism and French literature? How about the fact that the plot is essentially lifted from Ianesco (Robert Englund, in fact, plays a character named Ian Essko)? Oh, hell, there are characters named Camus, Genet, and Lt. Ryker (although I’m not sure the last one really has the same literary roots as the others), and the action takes place in the town of Sartre, Nebraska.

All that, and strippers. It’s possibly the least subtle movie of all time.

We are actually not kidding.

We want to see it again. I think this movie calls for a group outing. Anyone interested in going with us?

Science Scouts!
I'd like to start a troop. Who's in? :)

Link Soup
* Read this.
* An excellent question.
* Comprehensive list of low-cost ultraportable computers.
* They do it with...
* I say "so" a lot.

Daily Science
New results keep coming fast and furious from graphene, the single-atom-thick form of graphite. Resembling chicken wire in structure, graphene has captured researchers' attention over the past few years for its combination of exotic physics, attractive electronic properties and ease of preparation (see my slideshow on how to make your own graphene—with Scotch tape)...
This week we find that the same group from the University of Manchester has built excruciatingly tiny, transistor-like devices by carving graphene into objects called quantum dots. Etching graphene into quantum dots or narrow strips allows researchers to work around the fact that its conductivity does not normally switch off—an essential prerequisite for making a transistor.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Heck, I'm still in my nightgown.
Reading: Pump Six and Other Stories, by Paolo Baciagalupi.
Writing: Unf. Day off from that; today I'm editing.
Planning: Today - getting list of people who get tarot readings to batshua. Assembling the definitive Gojirawitz Girls Challenge file (with bonus features!) and e-mailing it. Elayna's going to a church festival with a friend. Tonight, date with feste_sylvain!
Tomorrow - Elayna's doing the Charles River Cleanup and meeting us at the Gore Place Sheep-Shearing Festival. You should come,too!
Sunday: Info meeting at Explo! :)

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