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Gojirawitz Girls Challenge Followup

I have just spent my entire day copying and pasting addresses and e-mailing raffle winners and raffle donors. Exhausting. But done, within a day of raffle's end. I win.

I am in the process of wrapping up multiple things. One of those things is getting Elayna's fairy tale to GGC sponsors. The prospect of digging through what is at this point literally *hundreds* of "you just received a payment!" e-mails to find out who was giving for the GGC and copying and pasting addresses... it makes me alternately twitch and cringe.

It would be much easier on me if I could just copy and paste from one source. And so: a poll!

Please only answer the first question if you actually sponsored the GGC (or WTD, or bought raffle tickets; it all counts). I'll remember if I haven't seen your name in PayPal comments! ;)

And yes, all sponsors get Elayna's "Fire Blessing". But wait! There's more! You get my bondage Rapunzel and two bits I wrote but couldn't use because Elayna decided against rewriting the source fairy tales - one for the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and one for Beauty and the Beast. (No, it's not too late to sponsor us.)

If you sponsored WTD/GGC, please enter your e-mail address here!

Got anything else to say?

For the "I need a clicky button" folks...


And May will have just one Wind Tunnel Dreams sequence, and it'll be back to running the first through the seventh of the month.

Side note: Although the raffle was a tremendous amount of work on a daily basis, starting from my return from Florida, running through a week of catching up, Wind Tunnel Dreams, and school vacation week... I never felt out of control.

This is particularly of note because the short-term memory issues mean that juggling multiple things in my head is difficult,sometimes to the point of impossible. My biggest stressor right now, besides the fact that I'd like to be earning some monies, is that I get so overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to handle multiple variables.

And it just occurred to me that that didn't happen here. Was it an insane workload? Yeah. Absolutely. But it never got to feeling insurmountable.

So. Go 'song-brainmeats!
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