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Raffle Winners!

1. Custom jewelry by kythryne of Wyrding Studios: dragonheart97!

2. Labradorite briolette earrings by sihaya09: prehensile_wit!

3. Timekeeper's Daughter prototype earrings by sihaya09: ydnic!

4. Custom beaded earrings by Elayna: samhenderson!

5. Custom beaded earrings by me: Gina P.!

6. Collage pendant by me: evilmike!

7. Loteria pendant by me: sealgair!

8. Jewelry by azhure: nikkie_noo!

35. Sparkle necklace by never1eighty: prehensile_wit!

36. Rock crystal necklace from never1eighty: samhenderson!

37. Summer nights necklace from never1eighty: Alex P!

9. Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6: moominmuppet!

10. Custom story or poem by me: mechaieh!

11. Custom story or poem by cbpotts: featheredfrog!

12. Custom poem by samhenderson: mechaieh!

13. Custom comics by wbm: prehensile_wit!

14. Papercraft poem by ysabetwordsmith: dulcinbradbury!

32. Custom story by lightcastle: featheredfrog!

34. Custom movie review by yendi:moominmuppet!

15. CD of your choice from s00j: sealgair!

16. Burlap Lute CD from woodwindy:jenstclair!

33. How to Take the Fall CD from dustyskinandall: cislyn!

Tribal animal portraits on parchment by naamah_darling:
17. Wolf: Elizabeth F.!

18. Fox: jettcat!

19. Tiger: jettcat!

20. Custom animal portrait: Kimberly K!

21. Winner's choice of award-winning Grand Marnier Cranberry Bread (of DOOM!) or Oaxaca Fudge Bars by sionainn: Louise C!

22. Baked goods by the Gojirawitz Girls: Alex P!

38. Food from fiannaharpar: penmillion!

Crafty stuff
23. Custom hats by emilytheslayer: cislyn!

24. Custom fingerless gloves/arm-warmers by eustaciavye: Carrie M!

25. Tablet weaving by zarhooie: prehensile_wit!

26. Handmade wine charms by jesshartley: ellenmillion!

27. Set of three readings by batshua: xephz, kyburg, Elizabeth F.!

28. One reiki session with oneagain: sofiaviolet!

Congratulations, everyone! Winners and donors, please contact each other; I'll e-mail the people I don't know when we get back from the aquarium.

Thank you, everyone. The support here has been amazing, from kythryne's offer of a necklace to auction to kyburg's suggestion of a full-blown raffle to the cavalcade of donors and ticket-purchasers. You've made it possible for a bright, funny, geeky girlchild to go to the camp of her dreams. Because of you, Elayna will get to do things like this:

A street festival on a warm July night. Fireworks pop in the sky. Vendors hawk cotton candy. But it's not Independence Day in the United States – it's Tanabata, the Japanese star festival…and this summer, you'll get to construct, plan, and create this street carnival for all of Exploration. We'll grill up octopus and squid, then serve them as toppings on okonomiyaki pancakes. In Japanese characters, we'll write wishes on strips of paper and hang them from bamboo branches. We'll fashion bold and colorful yukata robes, speak with the intonations of the Kanto dialect, and feast on soups, rice balls, and sushi. In short, we'll immerse ourselves in Japanese culture…and bring the festival of stars to the quads and courtyards of the Intermediate Program.

And tons of theater stuff (Actor's Workshop, Stage Combat, Musical Theater), an ecology course,martial arts and swimming and tennis... and that's just in the mornings. Afternoons, they get to pick from tons of fantastic activities -

And that's where I think the true benefit is. Not just the amazing courses, but the activities - specifically,the fact that the counselors will deliberately steer the kids toward trying new things. It's only a one-afternoon commitment, after all - try dance, try fiber arts, maskmaking or outdoor survival skills! She'll get nudged out of her comfort zone into things that she might never have tried otherwise, and may discover as-yet-unknown gifts; she'll definitely have a blast with them.

That, and... she'll be surrounded for six whole weeks by kids like her. Which is an incredibly powerful thing at any age - being among your people.

Y'all did this for her. By sponsoring Wind Tunnel Dreams and the Gojirawitz Girls Challenge, by buying raffle tickets. You made this happen, and neither of us will forget it. We are more grateful than words can convey. You amaze me. Thank you.
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