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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to taura_g!

Hello to new reader xephz!

Doing okay. *crosses fingers*

So far - 69 ticket holders. 1,194 tickets. I will tally up monies later. Um. Much monies. Y'all ever need to raise a lot of money in a hurry, hold a raffle. Me, I'mnot doing one during school vacation week again, I can tell you that much. :) Glad I got up early enough to allocate all of the tickets that were bought last night.

The amusing thing? Our "economic stimulus" check is arriving next month.So we'll have an influx of money - but too late for Explo!

I will be mailing the check today, and am very excited.:) So's Elayna. She'll write you a thank-you note herself.

Read this!
The most excellent sartorias has, in honor of Shakespeare's birthday/Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, gathered links to a number of small-press or no-press creative endeavors, such as my Wind Tunnel Dreams and Shayara and haikujaguar's Aphorisms of Kherishdar. As sartorias says, "Shakespeare took popular plots and forms and made them new. Here we are, centuries later, still reading him, and using his work in all kinds of ways. What better way to celebrate his achievements than to use the net to link to projects that aren't easily defined? I also added a component--projects not boosted by the big guns in publishing. Word of mouth is powerful; the links below begin with things I like, or things offered by friends. Some of the other links I am not familiar with, some are not my type of thing, but they might be yours. This is about spreading the word so that projects can find their audience."

So go. Read. Spread the word!

From an interview with squirrel_monkey: "[It contains] stories about magic taking place in cities, real and imaginary, modern and archaic," Sedia said in an interview. The book was conceived as the reaction to the recent shift of the meaning of "urban fantasy," Sedia said. "Suddenly, instead of including writers such as Charles De Lint, Emma Bull and China Miéville, it became primarily about paranormal romances involving vampires or shape-shifters or psychic detectives," she said. "As much as I love a good shape-shifter/paranormal-investigator story, I feel that urban fantasy includes much more than that. The book was a reaction against this narrowing of meaning."

As the writer of an urban-fantasy world that is not werewolf porn - squirrel_monkey, I salute you.

Link Soup
* Nina Hartley on zen Buddhism and porn and more.
* Rilo Kiley on tour! Anyone up for seeing a show with me?
* "I'd like to make weekend plans with you and your husband. Poly yuppies. Oh my. The Google Calendar remark hit home...:)

Daily Science
Two experts said they had developed a molecule-sized switch which means that data storage could be boosted without having to increase the size of devices.
The biggest MP3 player currently available can hold about 40,000 songs. However, new nanotechnology could theoretically allow users to store millions of video and music tracks.

* Pull raffle tickets! I'm using a random number generator.
* Post results - will e-mail all winners who don't respond to post when I get home, because
* I'm taking Miss Kid to the aquarium.

For now, breakfast. You have twenty minutes to buy or allocate tickets, then I close up shop and start pulling!
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