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Blake's 7 was my intro to SF on TV. Yes,Blake's 7,not Doctor Who,not Star Trek. Our local cable station broadcast Blake's 7 at midnight on Saturdays during my formative years. Still love it.

If you love it too, you may be interested in this- Blake's 7 continues in audio form! Contact fellow short-chick nordafor full details.

Snippet:"UK-based independent media production company, B7 Productions, has announced a series of prequel audio adventures based on the cult television classic, BLAKE'S 7.

Following the success of last year's audio re-imagining of BLAKE'S 7 [broadcast on BBC 7 over Christmas] and thirty years since the dramatic and shocking finale of the original series, MICHAEL KEATING [Blake's 7, EastEnders] will reprise his most popular role as the cowardly thief, Vila Restal, the only character to appear in all 52 episodes of the original series. The new audio incarnation of Olag Gan played by OWEN AARONOVITCH [Coronation Street] also stars.

BLAKE'S 7 - THE EARLY YEARS will be a prequel series of stories exploring the origins of key BLAKE'S 7 characters prior to them meeting rebel leader Roj Blake. The first of these prequel stories "When Vila Met Gan" has been written by lead writer Ben Aaronovitch ["Classic" Doctor Who, Jupiter Moon], and explores the history and enduring friendship between Gan and Vila, two of the most unlikely rebels to take up arms against the Federation."


Hey, locals - fun artsy workshop coming up! SoulCollage, the workshoppegkerr got so much out of. kimeepower is running one on May 3 in Malden. Click the link to sign up!

Snippet:"By intuitively collaging images together, we gain insight into the many aspects of ourselves. You will learn how to make your own personal deck of collaged cards. Get inspired & have fun. This workshop is perfect for beginners. No artistic experience necessary. All materials included. Light lunch provided."
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