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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to the beloved sister that the Internet gave me, because nature failed - gwynraven!

Happy birthday,too,to avivasedai and x_bluerose_x!

*checks PayPal*
*falls over*
We have made it, y'all. This kid's going to camp. Whee!

This is your last day! Yes, we've made our goal,but you can still buy tickets. All money raised will go towards giving Elayna the most kickass summer ever. We still have time for a bit of a train trip after Explo and before school starts...

New front page. New page of Katrina's story - and the beginnings of a dramatis personae for Shayara-then, 40 years ago.

Stunning new art - I finally have a portrait of Kieran! (Thanks,team_tim!

Anyone wants to do art, let me know. I have a List. :)

Have also done a lot of backend fiddling, til my eyes crossed, and agh, I need breakfast now.

Clever Vasilissa
Will be concluded after breakfast and shower.

Hey, Atlantans!
Copying from nihilistic_kid: "Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown), Publisher/Editor with Prime Books/Wildside Press needs help. SF/F publisher Meisha Merlin, which declared it was shutting down in November, has a rather large amount of stock (tens of thousands of books) in its Stone Mountain warehouse (1440 Kelton Drive, Stone Mountain) that needs to be rescued or it will all be destroyed/recycled. MM has abandoned the marketplace. Indeed, the inventory was all going to be shoved in a Dumpster a while ago, but the local sheriff crew freaked out at the amount of work lugging tens of thousands of books outside to the curb would be, so they left them for a while. Sean paid some rent on the space to get access to the books, but the landlady wants them out out out out out!

Sean is renting a truck which can fit fifteen pallets, single-stacked, or thirty double-stacked, but there's no forklift available, only a pallet jack. So he has to fill the truck by hand. He'll be in town Tuesday and Wednesday (4/22 and 4/23) to load up, and he's desperate for volunteers to help him. Anyone who volunteers can cart off any books they want that don't fit into the truck.

If you can help out or know of folks who might be able to, email Sean at:"

Worthy of note: this is a laptop.

Can this be fixed without me hauling it into the Apple store?

Daily Science
Scientists with the European Space Agency (Esa) say the day when flowers bloom on the Moon has come closer.

An Esa-linked team has shown that marigolds can grow in crushed rock very like the lunar surface, with no need for plant food.

Just add bacteria, apparently.

* WTD. (Next month's WTD will be on the usual schedule - first week of the month.)
* Stuff with Miss Kid - haven't decided what yet.
* No Diesel tonight - date with my fabulous husband. :)
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