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Yesterday was one of those days where you get a hell of a lot done, all of it necessary, but that's all you do all day. And then, if you're me, you've exhausted and nap the afternoon away.

Bank, post office (all BPAL orders are out, as are all Girl Scout cookie orders and my birthmom's birthday gift), we hit the library hard, did Target shopping (Elayna has new bathing suits, sneakers, and a tennis racket), dropped the last remaining Explo paperwork off at Elayna's doctor's office, and Adam did grocery shopping after I collapsed.

Family movie night: Hogfather. Greatly recommended. (EDIT: And deeply discounted - grab some Pratchett goodness!)

I'm sorry for the Vassilisa delay - bad brain days.Better now and back on track. *salute* Remember that all Wind Tunnel Dreams sponsorships this month get you tickets in the big raffle! Drawing is Wednesday.

I still have no idea what we're doing for school vacation week. Probably Museum of Science and the Aquarium, since we have memberships to both places. Also, Boston Common. Free is good.

I have a few book reviews I owe people; expect those along with my regular posting today and tomorrow, I hope. *nods* Must get things off my desk!

Next weekend = the Charles River Cleanup and the Gore Place Sheep-Shearing Festival on Saturday (Elayna will be doing the first with her Girl Scout troop and join us for the second - I can't do hard labor anymore!), and the info meeting at Explo. She'll get to see the campus and meet some of the staff. Most excellent. :)

And I am rambling and should go.
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