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Happy birthday to kradical and theano!

Happy early birthday to ktempest and rfreebern, who advance a year over the weekend!

...mostly okay. Had a very tremor-y day yesterday and ended up taking to my bed. Well, my couch.

s00j has a new fan!
A glowing s00j review from Laurell K. Hamilton here! Here's hoping this brings lots of business/attention s00j's way!

Continues through the 23rd - buy those tickets! :) (Win a s00j CD!)

I missed doing yesterday's WTD due to feeling unwell; I'll make up for it today, giving you both of Vasilissa's days with Baba Yaga.

You are correct, dear commenters; it does make sense to get a collapsible cane for travel. I shall do so.

Shayara RP FTW
I was a bit dejected yesterday over not doing much for Shayara - but apparently my description of the park and garden sparked something in a reader. Hikaru, I don't know who you are, but you rock.

I have a roleplay section of the Shayara forum, you see. And everyone there is great. But I was surprised to see a new RPer there yesterday - and even more surprised, and delighted, to see that they'd chosen to roleplay a Councillor.

And botanist.

So "Hikaru" - you had me seriously geeking out last night. Keep it up! :)

Friday Memage!
Jeans, blue "have a namaste"tee, leather jacket.
Reading: The Philosopher's Apprentice, by James Morrow.
Writing: Shayara, WTD; Places You Haunt is poking its head up all over my day,so I may be back to work on that soon.
Today: Vasilissa, out-of-the-house errands, then putting my hair up and cleaning.
Weekend: I think we are planless, which is good. At some point, we're going to see Zombie Strippers at Kendall Square. Oh, yes.

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