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Thor's Day

Still not great, but better than pre-massage. Allergy attack, though, which is no fun.

Is okay and in good spirits; they think the problem was with one of the stitches from his first surgery, back in 1992! They have him on IV antibiotics, and he'll go home later today.

Sparse today, because I'm *really* foggy today. I may go back to bed and add more later.

Gojirawitz Girls Challenge
I believe that Elayna is the winner (in so many ways!); she'll write her story next week,and we'll send it out (with my bondage Rapunzel story, yes) when she finishes it. :)

Highest donation was $100 - two people gave $100 (megathanks, ysabel and prehensile_wit!), so they'll both get a chapbook of all of the Gojirawitz Girls stories, signed by both girls! (Anyone want to do cover art?)

$240 so far! Pimp it to your friends - especially if you've got something in the raffle that your friends might want to win!

I'm putting in hundreds of dollars to get the kid to camp, of course, but in the interest of fairness, I'll limit myself to 25 tickets. ;)

Link Soup
* 27 thoughts on blogging for the artist.
* David Allen on "the curse of the eternally urgent".
* A Norway spruce growing in Sweden has a root system that has been growing for 9,550 years!
* Stan Lee to develop new superhero franchise. Because the last dozen he started post-Marvel were so great. Oh, wait...

Daily Science
Since the 1990s, we have found hundreds of worlds— exoplanets—orbiting other stars. This Cribsheet explains three ways astronomers can measure a star's light over time to infer the presence of exoplanets. It also discusses "habitable zones," regions of space around a star where life as we know it can exist, and tracks our progress in the search for other Earth-like planets.

* Write Shayara
* Write WTD
* Post office and EJ's doctor - didn't get to these yesterday,because I got bitchslapped by exhaustion and napped the afternoon away.
* Neurologist appointment. So I have to decide whether to tell him about the two simple partial seizures last month. I do not want more or different medication.
* Date with feste_sylvain!
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