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Dear New Englanders:

Via several friends: Due to the owner's unexpected/untimely death a cat shelter in Pepperell is being closed by the state and 150 cats will have to be euthanized in about two weeks. The owner's daughter doesn't have a license to run the shelter, it seems.

The shelter's located on Sheffield St., in Pepperell (30 minutes from Acton.) Its phone number is 978-433-0404.

EDIT: thespian says: "untrue. The end of the shelter upon the death of the owner is unknown. She held the licences, but there is no truth at all that the shelter will automatically close because f this. They are not currently accepting new animals, but the animals are in no danger of being euthanized.

They are still accepting monetary donations:

And every indication by the volunteers who helped run the shelter is it will continue. The only issue at this point is, because it as in a residence, who inherits, and thus, they don't want to take new animals until the legacy is resolved."

I don't know what exactly is going on there... but I recommend shelter kitties in general. All three of ours were adopted from shelters.

On a lighter note...

* Anyone got any ideas for stuff to do during Vacation Week? Anyone want to team up on stuff to do? We'll probably hit the aquarium,and I can get four people in free.
* What goes on here for Earth Day?
* Anything going on this weekend?
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