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Good-thoughts request

Dad's in the ER. Abscess. He's apparently been in pain since this weekend, probably been running a fever since Monday night, but he didn't let on to Mom til last night. He didn't want to go to the ER, so they waited, and he went to the doctor today; they tried to aspirate it in-office, but it's apparently st00pid hy00ge, and they had to send him to the ER. So. He's probably being taken in for the exploratory surgery (because they do not know why he has a st00pid hy00ge abscess) right about now. I may not know until late tonight.

So. Yes. I'll just be sitting here not knowing what's going on. Hi.

Don't want *hugs*, just spare him a thought. Whatever my issues with my family, I really love my dad.

EDIT @ 8:30: They just took him back for the surgery.

EDIT @ 9:15: Wow, that was fast.'k, it apparently was a big awful thing that had been brewing for a while (he had been feeling not-quite-right for about a month). And they don't know why it happened. They're culturing it. Some sort of infection, hypothetically from the sutures from his last hernia operation - but that was ten years ago. So. I do not know. But there was no new hernia. They're keeping him overnight, and we should know more in the morning, but Dad should be fine.
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