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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to ariadnesthread!

Hello to new reader missaunt!

Massage yesterday helped - I was actually quite bouncy at Diesel last night, til my spoons abruptly ran out in the middle of dinner.*wry smile* Got a ride home from caulay, though, which is of the good.

Items added yesterday: custom story by lightcastle, CD by dustyskinandall (I have this one m'self - trust me, you want it!), food (as yet unspecified) by fiannaharpar, and review of the movie of your choice by yendi! Specs added: the jewelry by azhure will be anything in her store or custom work up to $100.

Will not be adding anything else - much as I'd love to keep adding stuff from you wonderful people, adding new things midstream isn't fair to those who might want your item but have already allocated their tickets.

We've made $140 so far!

Free Will Astrology
Uncle Rob says: "Back in 1995, I began seeing a psychotherapist whose influence ultimately improved me in a thousand ways. At the end of our first session, she handed me a note as I left. It read: "If you don't articulate your conscious desires, your unconscious patterns will come true." She gazed at me firmly and said, "Don't come back until you've proved to yourself that those words are true. All my work will be of no use to you unless you take them to heart." It took me exactly 23 days to prove to myself that what she'd written was true. Now I offer you the same challenge, Pisces. Spend the upcoming week in intense contemplation on the hypothesis, "If you don't articulate your conscious desires, your unconscious patterns will come true.""

Daily Science
n the deep history of our planet, there have been at least five short intervals in which the majority of living species suddenly went extinct. Biologists are used to thinking about how environmental pressures slowly select the organisms most fit for survival through natural selection, shaping life on Earth like an artist sculpting clay. However, mass extinctions are drastic examples of natural selection at its most ruthless, killing off vast numbers of species at one time in a way that is hardly typical of evolution.

* Pay bills
* Write WTD
* Walk down to Cushing Square to get a birthday gift for my birthmom
* Mail gift, Girl Scout cookies, BPAL
* Drop camp forms off at Elayna's doctor's office.
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