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Get Elayna to Explo: The Raffle!

For anyone coming in here from a friend's journal: We're raising money to get my daughter to the awesomest camp evar!

This is how this works.

* $1 = 1 ticket
* $10 = 11 tickets
* $20 = 25 tickets

In PayPal comments,please list the item numbers of what you want to put your tickets towards, and how many tickets you want to put toward them. For bonus points, describe the item. "#1, Wyrding Studios custom work - 5 tickets; #6, collage pendant, 3 tickets."

All sponsorships of this month's Wind Tunnel Dreams count as tickets, too. And all donations of $10 or more get a tarot reading by batshua!

Without further ado - the items!

1. Custom jewelry by kythryne of Wyrding Studios (up to $50 value)! (Note: Kyth's work only, so no knotted pearls or trees or Wonderland stuff.)
2. Labradorite briolette earrings by sihaya09 of Sihaya Designs!
3. Timekeeper's Daughter prototype earrings by sihaya09 of Sihaya Designs!
4. Custom beaded earrings by Elayna!
5. Custom beaded earrings my me!
6. Collage pendant by me! (Examples here.)
7. Loteria pendant by me! (see above.)
8. Jewelry by azhure of Sorscha Azhure Designs! Customwork or anything in the store, up to $100!
35. Sparkle necklace by never1eighty!
36. Rock crystal necklace from never1eighty!
37. Summer nights necklace from never1eighty!

9. A copy of Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6 - the first print appearance of Shayara!
10. Custom story or poem by me!
11. Custom story or poem by cbpotts! "I will donate a 1.5-2K story written to order, if anyone would like that. There's a few caveats (no kids in sex scenes, no Nazis, no incest) but other than that, wide open. It can be anything from a story for a kid to grown up kink, as the winner desires."
12. Custom poem by samhenderson!
13. Custom comics by wbm! "an original, written & drawn to order, 1-3 page sequential art (comics) story, with the caveat of no paedophilia, bestiality or or other distasteful porn (noting it takes a lot to offend me)."
14. Papercraft poem by ysabetwordsmith! "Winner may pick any poem on my blog (use the "poem" or "fishbowl" tags to find them) that will fit on one 8 1/2" x 11" page. I will print it out in a nice font and decorate it, then mail it to you. Papercraft poems are suitable for framing or adding to your scrapbook."
32. Custom story by lightcastle! (same caveats as cbpotts)
34. Custom movie review by yendi! (Movie must be reasonably accessible; we're not going to spend $100 for him to get some rare J-horror thing.)

15. CD of your choice from s00j!
16. Burlap Lute CD from woodwindy!
33. How to Take the Fall CD from dustyskinandall!

Tribal animal portraits on parchment by naamah_darling! "Each ink drawing is 4.5 x 6.5, and have been matted in black to fit a standard 8 x 10 frame. They are only lightly tacked on with surgical tape, so that they can be removed from the mats if desired and put in a different setting. The paper is heavy gold parchment stock. The actual pieces don't have the watermark, obviously, and I will sign them, and personalize them on request."
17. Wolf
18. Fox
19. Tiger
20. Custom animal portrait: 4.5 x 6.5 drawing of any animal's head in that style, matted to fit in an 8 x 10 frame! "If they pick an animal I've already done, I'll draw it differently. Winner picks the mat color and paper color. It'll probably take me about a week, since I'm house-hunting in the evenings all of a sudden. Available papers: Heavy parchment paper in gold, tan, or "cottonwood," which is kind of a light dove color. Lighter, crisper parchment paper is available in white, pale blue, pale pink, and amber gold. Available mat colors: Black, dark green, dark blue, fire engine red, cinnamon brown, and cream marble. The cinnamon and black look good with the warmer colors. For an example of other animal faces I've done in this style, here's a photoset that contains all of them to date."

21. Winner's choice of award-winning Grand Marnier Cranberry Bread (of DOOM!) or Oaxaca Fudge Bars by sionainn!
22. Baked goods by the Gojirawitz Girls! Elayna's brownies are famous. We do cookies and breads, too.
38. Food from fiannaharpar!

Crafty stuff
23. Custom hats by emilytheslayer (styles include Jayne hat)! "Everyone needs a hat! Now you can get one made to your measurements, in your favorite colors or in the nerdy theme of your choice! You send me your measurements (or those of someone you want a hat made for), what colors you want, or what nerdy hat you want, and fiber issues, and I knit it up and send it to you. This is supposed to be a fairly quick thing for me, so I'm not going to promise a lot of crazy colorwork or anything huge and complicated, but I will do:
-team colors
-Harry Potter house colors
-Life Aquatic Team Zissou cap
-something else you can think of that I would certainly be willing to discuss
I'm not going to spend a lot of money on luxury yarn for this, but I will do my best to work with you on any fiber allergies or sensitivities (No alpaca because that's MY allergy :) ). Wool does not itch, my favorite yarn for hats is a wool/mohair blend that is cheap and comes in a huge variety of colors, but is slightly itchy (it's the mohair), but I have testimonials from at least five people who swear it's not bad. Any questions, feel free to comment or email me and ask, and I'll try to get a response to you as soon as possible. Happy raffling!"
24. Custom fingerless gloves/arm-warmers by eustaciavye! "What I am raffling would be a set of gloves more or less like this, either striped or solid color. They DO take me quite a while to make and I am short on free time, but I also figure no one is gonna wear these in summer in New England :D"
25. Tablet weaving by zarhooie!
26. Handmade wine charms by jesshartley!

27. Set of three readings by batshua! (There will be five winners in this category!)

28. One reiki session with oneagain (Sunday only)!
29. One night of babysitting from Elayna!
30. Dog-walking/odd jobs by me (within reason)!
31. An organizing session with omnia_mutantur!

Happy bidding! Raffle will close at 8 AM EST on Wednesday, April 23; all winners will be announced by 5 PM EST on April 23.

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