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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to jimhines!

Still hovering on the edge of flare.

Phew! Okay. You can has:
* More grand tour - the Carnival District.
* Another chunk of Katrina's story. Want ancient history? Draw near and read.
* I don't feel like making you hunt for Easter eggs today, so I'll just tell you: in the Library, you will find a letter from a past Lishaya. When was it written? Who is it to? Well, I'm not telling you that just yet.

As always, click on all links. I've been a busy girl this morning.

Reason I asked is because they have a positive connotation for me, and I was surprised to discovered that they have a negative connotation for feste_sylvain. So I wanted to conduct a poll of sorts. I can see them being non-beneficial sometimes - when I was telling s00j about a recent crush, she said "Nice crush or mean crush?" With Mean Crush, of course, being what feste_sylvain said in comments.

I don't tend to have those. For me, all crushes are nice crushes - that bouncy, giggly feeling that you can hug deep down, that makes you smile to yourself, that puts a skip in your step. I love being In Crush. It just adds a little more happy to my day.

(Am I in crush now? Oh, yes.)

Link Soup
* theferrett says: "You can't wrap a hug in words and send it through email. But you can send a fist. And that's the problem with asymmetry on the Intarwebz." And he's right.
* Another glorious post from merovingian.
* The incredible shrinking city.
* Disney Heroes like you've never seen them before. Borderline NSFW.

Daily Science
Scientists for the first time have identified long-term changes in mice brains that may shed light on why addicts get hooked on drugs—in this case methamphetamines—and have such a tough time kicking the habit. The findings, reported in the journal Neuron, could set the stage for new ways to block cravings—and help addicts dry out.

* Write and post Shayara
* Write and post Wind Tunnel Dreams
* Do raffle post
* Pay bills.
* Go to bank, library, and drugstore.

I don't yet know if I'll be going to Diesel. Depends on how burned out I get today, and whether feste_sylvain's car gets out of the shop today.
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