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Happy birthday to ariesd!

Hello to new readers freetobeme18, nikkie_noo,and sheistheweather!

Most of the pain is in the upper back/neck/shoulders zone. Legs are unhappy,but not as bad as yesterday or Saturday.

I was reading through Seizure Lass last week, and something jumped right out at me: I'd been developing fibro for a whilewithout knowing it. The Trileptal masked several things, like the insomnia and fatigue. The rest? Mentions of mysterious muscle aches scattered over the months before the hospitalization. Fascinating.

Make sure you let me know if you're donating anything for the raffle - I'll be starting it tomorrow!

Working on Teh Big Proposal; select people are reading it over. *fidgets*

Retreat Results
I have a much better handle on things now. Phew.

Discussed on retreat, copied from felisdemens: "We drove past two businesses yesterday which have consumed my brain:

Pet Spoilers. No, seriously, that's what it's called. Poor kitty! What kind of bolts do you use, and do you have to customize the paint job? The *really* sad ones are for the budgies. "Can't fly! Too much drag!" And the ones for the goldfish just make them sink.

Rancho Chocha. I'm pretty sure I misread this sign, but I am SO opening a restaurant. I've already designed the t-shirts. Also I'll need to get Cheech Marin to drop in occasionally."

We will be selling Rancho Chocha T-shirts to fund the next retreat. Rancho Chocha! All-you-can-eat!

Does the word "crush" (as applied to infatuation,not smashing things) evoke a positive or negative reaction in you?

Stuff to read!
Wind Tunnel Dreams will start tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy these:
* "All Seated on the Ground" - Connie Willis
* "The 21st Century Isobel Down" - Stacy Sinclair
* "A Fable with Slips of White Paper Spilling from the Pockets" - Kevin Brockmeier

Link Soup
* "Poem to a Teenager". Lovely.
* CERN brings supergrid internet to the world.
* he State of Florida has given a Nestle bottling plant the right to pump as much water as it can get out Madison Blue Springs State Park, which is presently in drought conditions. The right lasts until 2018, and cost Nestle $230 in permit fees.
*What the Blogoshere Wants

Daily Science
Dark matter particle discovered?

This is why I love BPAL:

"The Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association is proud to announce the opening of the 2008 MVJBA season!

We would like to thank all the parents, cultists, Deep Ones, and other volunteers who have given their time to umpire, work the snack shacks, maintain the fields, and coach.

Many thanks, also, to the people of Leng for coordinating special events and acting as scorekeepers! Thanks for always lending a hand!

Due to the unforeseen consequences of last winter's Rite of the Black Goat, we have been temporarily downsized to two teams. Our thoughts and prayers go to the families of the Kingsport Moonbeasts and the Aylesbury Zoogs who are currently resting in Arkham Sanitarium. We'll see you guys next season!"

I want a Dunwich Whipporwills shirt.

Finish application and get it (and the BPAL from the sale) mailed. Deposit check from parents (the promised thousand for Explo). Drop camp forms off at Elayna's doctor; call my neuro for a Lyrica refill. Read a book. NAP. Make earrings for raffle. Photograph earrings and pendants to the best of my ability.
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