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Gradually easing out of radio silence

The workshop-thing with the deadline of today? Submitted last night. *nod* All but one of my readers basically whapped me upside the head and said "Places You Haunt!", so that is what it is.

The thing with the deadline of Tuesday? Framework's up, to be filled in on the plane. Got the recommendations lined up. Think good thoughts? This would be huge.

(Yes, I'm cryptic here. Not wanting to jinx self.)

As for the rest - I'm enjoying the Five-Dollar Tour over at; I should've kicked off with that. *wry smile* I've gotten a lot more insight into Seizure Lass - and into the end of Places You Haunt. And I feel more grounded,more settled. I have a timeline. I have made things manageable.

Off to Cracker Barrel!
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