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Good morning!

Readers Wanted
I have a workshop application I need to get out by Saturday. Thing for workshopping needs to be under 10K. Can be a novel, short story, or three flash pieces.

Without ‘net access, it is deucedly hard to get opinions.

So. If you can read some stuff and give me an opinion by tonight, please comment here with your e-mail address. Those who comment before I leave Panera will get a small bundle of reading material. I’ll swing by Panera again tonight after dinner to collect opinions. Thanks!

If you have something you’re sending for the raffle, please e-mail yendi AT to get our address. ([Bad username: fiannaharpar], Adam says the CD arrived yesterday - thanks!) I’ll be starting the raffle on Tuesday the 15th, along with April’s Wind Tunnel Dreams. I think it’ll work as follows - you PayPal me the ticket money. You comment on the post telling me where you want your tickets to go - five to this pair of earrings, five to a knitted hat, whatever. I’ll be using a random number generator for each pull. So say I buy five tickets and put ‘em all on [Bad username: sihaya09]’s labradorite earrings, and mine is the first comment for her earrings - I’m #1-5.


Ticket sales start on the 15th and will continue, with Wind Tunnel Dreams for one week. Draw is on April 22.
And if you can think of anything else I can do to sweeten the pot, anything else I can offer -please let me know! We need to raise about $750 by May 1. *quietly freaks out*

Is going well. I’ve gotten started on The Things We Value, and I think I fixed the beginning - and a chunk of the middle - of Places You Haunt.

Revelation re: Places You Haunt: I’ve also been re-reading what I have of Seizure Lass this week. Tracking them side-by-side is revealing. Why did I drop Places You Haunt?

Because I switched to Keppra. Which made me think like River on Firefly. All the time.


Went from Keppra to Trileptal, which knocked my brain for a loop for half the day and made me exhausted the rest, and I just never picked PYH -or anything - back up. Switched to just Lyrica as I was packing up to move to Boston; once I got settled here,I started poking at Mouse to work on Shayara again. Which ended up not working out. And then there was Wind Tunnel Dreams, cracking my brain back open…

I’d never thought to correlate it with the brain drugs before. But there it is.

The tour continues.

Today’s plans
I need to figure out how to write a proposal.
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