Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Since the new tack les pathetiques* are taking is bombarding me with questions about why I don't return the Kindle and use that money toward Explo -

As I've said before - but apparently it needs its own post - the Kindle (Adam's birthday gift to me) was purchased with store credit we earned through our Amazon Associates link. We spent not a penny on it. Indeed, the first thing I said when Adam handed me the printout of the Kindle on my birthday was "We can't afford that!" But with store credit, we could.


1. Those of you who click through our links and buy stuff - thank you! You help us get free cool stuff every time you do it, and it costs you nothing. Well, other than what you're already paying Amazon.
2. If we'd paid cash for it? Yeah, we'd've returned it and used that money for Explo. But returning it would get us nothing but store credit, which is not accepted as currency by the folks at Explo.

Les pathetiques like to play the "'song's so narcissistic" card. But if you know me or read me for any length of time, you know that Elayna is the center of my world.

Elayna always comes first.

We heard about Explo too late in the game to save money or get financial aid. Yeah, we went to pricey cons this winter, and that sucked every spare penny - but I worked two out of those three cons (and, yes, got in free for it), and had committed to doing so months in advance. Since we heard about Explo (my birthday weekend, IIRC, just a month ago), every spare penny has gone toward it. You see me getting any shiny new things? Assume I've bartered for 'em. (If you only knew some of the things I did not do this month because Explo's so expensive...)

And also - begging's when you ask for money and give nothing in return. With Wind Tunnel Dreams - the Gojirawitz Girls Challenge and otherwise - I give you a story. You put in a few bucks if you liked it. If you can't see how that's different, I really can't help you.

* proudly harassing 'song and family since 2003! anyone have a life to donate to these guys? clearly, they need one...
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