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Okay! I will hold a raffle to raise more more to get Elayna to Explo. *nods*

Note: I have never run a raffle, nor have I ever been involved with one in any way. So if anyone actually knows how to do this - halp!

"Tickets" will be $5.

Per tablesaw's recommendation:
* $1 = 1 ticket
* $10 = 11 tickets
* $20 = 25 tickets

"Then you let everyone divide their tickets up among prizes. So I buy 25 tickets, dedicate 10 to crafty hats, five to a custom story, and two each to the custom jewelry. That way I don't need to worry about messing with the locals-only stuff or stuff I don't want/can't use."

Items to be raffled include:

* Custom jewelry by kythryne of Wyrding Studios!
* Labradorite briolette earrings and Timekeeper's Daughter prototype earrings by sihaya09 of Sihaya Designs!
* Earrings by Elayna!
* Earrings by me!
* Collage pendants by me!

* A copy of Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6 - the first in-print Shayara work!
* Custom story or poem by me!
* Custom story or poem by cbpotts: I will donate a 1.5-2K story written to order, if anyone would like that. There's a few caveats (no kids in sex scenes, no Nazis, no incest) but other than that, wide open. It can be anything from a story for a kid to grown up kink, as the winner desires.
* Custom poem by samhenderson!

Burlap Lute CD from woodwindy!

Baked goods by the Gojirawitz Girls!

* Tribal animal portraits on parchment by naamah_darling!

Crafty stuff
* Hats by emilytheslayer!
* Fingerless gloves by eustaciavye!
* Tablet weaving by zarhooie!
* Handmade wine charms by jesshartley!

* One reiki session with oneagain!
* One night of babysitting from Elayna!
* Dog-walking/odd jobs!
* An organizing session with omnia_mutantur!

If you have something you'd like to pitch in, just let me know! I plan to run this when I get back from the retreat...probably start it April 14.
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