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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to burning_brain and lordandrei!

Happy early birthday to those who'll adcance a year while I'm away: kires, wakingdreaming, amberfox, megthelegend, cloakofwinter, cissa, and lifecollage!

Adam's birthday is April 8. He gets a separate birthday wish. :)

Hello to new readers daemonnoire, riesiel, and sageautumn!

A bit sore, but mostly tolerable. I napped most of yesterday.

New front page, bios for Janos and Brendan, and a *ton* of content in the Sekrit Penthouse now. Got the password? Go have fun.

Daily Science
Whether you are a Mac person or a PC person, even the briefest exposure to the Apple logo may make you behave more creatively, according to recent research from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Friday Memage (since this is my Friday!)
Wearing: Flowy brown babydoll top and yoga pants.
Reading: I am actually between books right now. If my Kindle arrives today,I'll be reading Peter Watts on the plane; if not? I will have to pick out a bunch of books for the trip.
Writing: Finished Alanna's segment today. Need to write the next part for Adam to post next week - back to Tessa and her crew. I'd also like to revisit Katrina's story and figure out how to start working Jessa's story in.
Planning: Today,packing. Tomorrow, travelling and seeing Wicked. Saturday,dealing with family bullshit (also, getting a haircut). Sunday, my sister's engagement part. Monday, escape to writing retreat with felisdemens; marinate for five days, return to Boston.

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