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Odin's Day

Hello to new readers bookfanatic and wbm!

Yesterday sucked. Today's much better so far. *nod*

Oh yeah!
Cure for being in the sort of brown study I've been in all week = luscious ferocious hard & fast mindblowing morning quickie. Really... just shatters that dark mood. I am much more me this morning.

Money-ish things
Have put Barbies up for sale on Will go eBay if they don't move.
Upon returning from Florida, will put earrings and other eBayable stuff up on eBay. No sense in doing it now, as I won't be able to ship for a while.
Will be having yard sale on May 3.

To Read
Futurismic, Clarkesworld, "The Brief History of the Dead", Lone Star Stories

Link Soup
* Wyrding Studios had a very worthwhile April Fool. Do click the link in that. (I need so many permits!)
* I totally want to dothis around Boston.
* Hey,alethea_eastrid and emilytheslayer: Knitty librarian tote bags and tanktops!
* Academic integrity: ur doin it wrong.

Daily Science
Scientists in the United States have discovered how a squid is capable of operating its knife-sharp beak without harming its soft, gelatinous body.

The team of engineers, biologists and marine scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara, report that a gradual change in stiffness is the answer.

The usual. Going to walk to the library,if the nice weather holds. emilytheslayer's coming over later to rummage through BPAL. Good times.
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